Aloha Processing

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Aloha Processing

Aloha EDC is the program that allows our system to process credit card transactions.
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It is dependent on an internet connection to process credit cards and detect declines.
When there is a loss of internet you must turn off EDC’s credit card processing to continue doing business and prevent business from coming to a halt.

You can log-in to EDC using your Aloha Manager username and password.

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Processings On/Off

When you select the PROCESSING BUTTON you will be prompted to confirm whether or not to turn processing off.
Select Yes to turn off processing. ONLY do this if you have received an SSL error during a transaction.
An SSL error is an indication of a loss of internet connection.

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Any time processing is turned off you MUST report this on your store’s slack channel.
Turning off processing enables cards that would be declined normally to go through instead, this creates discrepancies.
We need to know whenever it is turned off to keep track of why we might have discrepancies when it’s reported by auditors.