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Adding a New Employee To Aloha Database

Part 1: Add Path

Login to Aloha Manager on the BOH Computer.
Select the following:
Maintenance > Labor > Employees

Select the following:
Maintenance > Labor > Employees

Part 2: Create Employee

Create the Employee file. Start the process by clicking the "Number" search box
Enter the last 4 digits of the employee you want to create social security number.


If there is an employee already in your system with that number, the system will automatically select that employee.
If this is the case you will need to make a unique employee number by adjusting up or down a digit.
The social security code is a required field.
We Do Not need to store their social on the BOH computer as Human Resources already has this.
You can simply enter 000-00-0000 and the system will accept that.
The next required field is Last Name & First Name.
Please enter their given name as it appears on their Driver’s License.
If they have a preferred name you may enter that in Nickname.
For the Middle Field we have a special function to identify the status of the Employee.
If they are an active employee simply enter your corresponding store code followed by your location as show above in the picture.

DB Store Code’s:
  • 01-Bowman
  • 02-NLR
  • 03-ParkPlaza
  • 04-Conway
  • 05-FoodTruck
  • 06-Maumelle
  • 07-Gateway
  • 08-Cabot
  • 09-RiverMarket

The final part of this process is the Employee export field.
This is a very important step!
Forgetting this or entering the wrong data will result in that employee not receiving their paycheck on time.
Please contact HR if you do not have their unique Proliant Export ID.
This is not always the last four of their social as it is a company wide ID.

Part 3: Job Code

Select the “Job Codes” tab. Select the proper job code for the Employee. Access level is only needed for MITs or above.
Please make sure you also fill in their “Rate”. This is used to calculate your Pulse Labor % Percentage. Update this whenever their rate changes.
Finally select save and remember to log off!

Never use the jobcodes cashier, computer, or corporate!!