Foodager Audit Guide

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Foodager Main page

Select the audit button on the upper right.

This is the main dashboard for Foodager

Audit Main page

When you do a count in the morning you are counting yesterday's closing count.

1. You will select yesterday's date when doing an audit.

2. Click Start New Audit to begin.

Main page for Audits

3. Select full audit and click Start New Audit again


4. On this screen select the "0.00" on an item's row to edit the count. Once finished, click the Save & Continue button


5. On this page you can:

  • Select Close Audit to finish making the current audit.
  • Select Resume Audit to go back and edit your count
  • Select Delete Audit to delete the current audit you're editing

6. After selecting Close Audit, you will see this pop-up. Select Continue.


7. Click the checkbox and make sure the date is correct, change it if it's not.


8. Click total and enter in the Total sales for that day, you can use Pulse to check the sales.


9. Click Close Audit to finish.