Reset A Store's/Person's Email Or Pulse Password

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== Reset email passwords ==

Log into Google Admin with
Click the Users button.
Hover over the desired store or person and click reset password.

== Reset Pulse passwords ==

Log into Aloha Enterprise using your Davids Burger's Email.
On the left side, there will be different tabs you can click on. Scroll down and look for System Setup.
Choose the sub category User Account Setup.
Look for the desired person or store that you need to work on, and click the pencil icon to edit their information.
Some things to check for are: Is the account active? Is the account locked? Both of these are found in the User Account Setup category, not in the edit information page. Does the user have Pulse Access? This can be found inside the edit information page on an individuals account in the bottom right.
Make sure you save any changes made.