Credit Card Decline Codes

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The first column is the code that is displayed on the screen. The second is the reason. The 3rd column is what is actually happening.

Please do not give Hold-Call cards back to the customer, call the number on the back immediately. Simply step aside and tell the customer your computer is having technical issues and you’re calling IT until you’ve confirmed the reason with the issuing bank.

04 Hold-call Call 800 # on back
07 Hold-Call marked Fraud
41 Hold-call Lost Card
43 Hold-Call Stolen Card
05 Decline Do Not Honor
51 Decline Insufficient funds
54 Expired Card Expired Card
14 Card # Error Invalid #
D/Serv Not Allowed Service Not Allowed "Service Not Allowed" are being declined by the card issuer because of a restriction on the credit card or account.

Offline Processing!

It is now a requirement that if you turn processing off that you take a picture of the decline and post it on your store's IT channel. The only acceptable reason to turn processing off is "Cannot reach SSL".

Please ask for advisement on any other issues or consult the decline code page.

You must also post when you turn it back on and attempt to turn it on every 20 minutes unless an outage has been identified and you are told otherwise. This is to prevent declines and your stores will NOT receive credit for these declines if this process is not followed.

We have phased out the offlinemode channel as it's harder to keep an accurate updated list of managers and know who belongs to which store.